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How Hurricane/Bad Weather Impacts The Roof

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How Hurricane/Bad Weather Impacts The Roof

A roof protects your house from, heavy rainfall, snows, and scorching sun. With time, harsh climate compromises the stability of this important house structure. You need to understand how the natural elements affect your roofs so you can know the right maintenance practices to undertake.


Hurricanes involve strong winds which can damage anything they come across. Storms are some of the major reasons roofs get damaged. Hurricanes are so strong that they loosen the wooden frames, shingles, and roof tiles thereby falling off the roofs. As a result, your house is exposed to more dangers. After any storm, you should examine thoroughly the condition of your roof. Call an experienced contractor to fix all the visible damages as soon as possible.

Hot weather

Prolonged exposure to high temperatures is one of the reasons your roof ages prematurely. Certain roofing materials start curling, cracking, warping, or shrinking due to extreme heat. Note that heat can affect negatively the structural ventilation of your house thereby interfering with the indoor temperatures. Some of the signs that hot weather has damaged your roof include displaced shingles and tile movement.

Heavy downpour

Your roof should keep you safe from heavy rainfall. With cracked shingles and missing tiles, it is more likely for rainwater to leak along the walls and in the attic thereby causing mold buildup. Always inspect your roof before the rainy season sets in to avoid major problems.


This is a common weather condition during the spring season. It causes massive damage to businesses and homes by shattering the windows, roofs, sidings, and other structures. A hailstorm can damage any type of roof by creating fractures in the shingles, loosening the entire roof, or lifting the tiles.

The damages caused by a hurricane to your roof may not be visible immediately. However, the small effects can gradually weaken the structure especially due to other extreme weather conditions. To avoid incurring heavy roof repair costs, consult a roof inspector regularly. JJ Quality Builders of the Palm Beaches is here to help with any damage your roofs. We do roofing Boynton Beach and all surrounding areas

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