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How To Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Roof

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How To Know When It Is Time To Replace Your Roof

Roof replacement can seem like an overwhelming task.  First and foremost is the expense of replacing a roof, followed by the chore of securing the expertise of a reputable roofing company.  There are many things to consider when thinking about a roof replacement for your home.  You may wonder when you really know if it is the right time to replace your roof?  There are a few guidelines that should be considered when making this important decision.

Main Factors Pertaining To Replacing Roofs

Know that every roof wears out and needs to be replaced eventually.  For example, the average lifespan of a roof that is covered with asphalt shingles is 15-30 years.  For other materials such as metal, tile, or stone that is used for roofing jobs, the average lifespan may be closer to 50 years.  There are many factors that play a part when figuring out the lifespan of a roof.  These factors include environment, maintenance, and in some ways, pure luck.

One of the main deciding factors pertaining to replacing a roof, is when the price of repairing the roof far outweighs the price of the replacement.  Either roof damage from natural aging or from a significant event, such as a hail storm, will propel a homeowner forward with the goal of replacing the roof.  This is not necessarily an expense that most people are excited about; however, taking care of one’s roof is an extremely valuable responsibility.  The costs that can arise in interior damage from a leaky roof can be extremely high, if not attended to in a timely manner.

An average price for replacing a roof is anywhere from $20,000-$40,000.  Of course, this price varies and can increase or decrease based on location, materials chosen, and different roofing companies.  It is always the best policy to complete good research before taking on this major homeowner’s activity. JJ Quality Builders are the experts for roofing Wellington and surrounding areas.

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