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Know When To Repair, Patch, Or Replace Your Roof

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The risk of a roof leak surely strikes some fear in the mind of all homeowners.

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Know When To Repair, Patch, Or Replace Your Roof

Roofs don’t last forever. Due to the hot and humid climate, stains, streaks, and dark spots a start forming, making your roof appear unkempt. The dark spots are especially prevalent in areas with little sunlight and this is a result of the formation of mildew which discolors the roof. Fade marks and stains weaken the roof over time. These are signs that your roof has an underlying issue that requires immediate attention.

Other warning signs that your roof needs repair include:

  • Missing shingles
  • Rot
  • Ceiling spots
  • Indoor leaking

After reading the warning signs, you need to figure out if the roof requires a total replacement or a simple patch-up. You can always know the exact route to take if you call a roofing contractor.

Roof inspection

Only after a professional inspection can you know whether you need a complete overhaul or a minor patch. A roofing expert should examine the roof and give you an on-site estimate. They usually check for soft spots, damaged parts, holes, and rotting wood which is on the verge of collapsing.

Full restoration vs. roof patch

If you find out that your roof is almost falling, the best thing you can do is get a service for complete restoration of your structure. The replaced roof will last for decades. Therefore, a complete replacement will solve all the issues- both hidden and transparent. But if you are on a tight budget, you might want some quick fixes like roof patch because they are more affordable. This is a good option when your shingles haven’t lost their shape.

A roof is a huge investment for any house and so it must be in good condition all the time to give optimum protection. Roofs require regular maintenance. Whether you need a small patch-up, a new roof, or a remodel, always consult a competent roofing contractor. JJ Quality Builders is a roofing contractor for roofing Boynton Beach and all surrounding areas, if you need any service for your roof Call us at (561) 932-4181

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